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Group Benefit Services (GBS) Blog

View the latest blog posts from Group Benefit Services (GBS).

GBS Provides Turnkey Self-Funding Programs More employers are choosing self-funded health plans each year. Traditional fully insured employee benefit plan membership dropped over 10% from 2013 to 2014 while self-insured membership rose in that same year1. READ MORE >>

Comprehensive Diabetic Management Program Covered at 100% - Standard with GBS Medical Plans GBS provides its clients with access to exclusive Preferential Plan Benefits that lower cost for the employer while leading to improved outcomes for members and extremely positive member experience. READ MORE >>

GBS Ensures that Both Your Plan and its Participants are Protected It's not easy to predict medical costs. Unexpected large claims can be financially crippling for both employers and members if the plan does not come through as expected. READ MORE >>

GBS Employs a "Vanishing Deductible" Strategy to Lower Cost GBS has created a unique, exclusive program called Reimbursable Deductible Allowance (RDA) that accumulates unused claims dollars toward a deductible bucket. Every year members don't use the plan, half the RDA rolls over to the next year - this means that eventually the deductible could vanish altogether! READ MORE >>

The New York Times(1) has reported that marketplace premiums requested by insurance companies for 2016 will, if approved, be the highest premium increases seen in years. Carriers are requesting at least 10-30% increases in most states. READ MORE >>

Can your health plan endure the same kind of increases over the next five years as you've had in the last five years? When determining if your current benefit plan is sustainable, it's necessary to ask questions like: - Can your company budget continue to sustain premium increases to your health plan at the same pace? READ MORE >>

What to Consider when Choosing a Third Party Administrator (TPA) for Your Self-Funded Health Plan The vast majority of American workers view their health plans as the most essential benefit provided by their employers - and it's also the most expensive for employers to provide. READ MORE >>

Know the Facts about Self-Funding Your Employee Benefit Plan When it comes to self-funding, there’s a lot of information and misinformation floating around out there. Employers looking for additional employee benefit options may find themselves overwhelmed by the number of contradicting opinions that confront them. READ MORE >>

New Healthcare Landscape Means Seeking New Options Healthcare premiums continue to rise each year, reaching an average annual premium in 2014 of over $16,800 for employer- sponsored family coverage and over $6,000 for single coverage(1). READ MORE >>

If you think of each separate facet of your healthcare as a piece of a puzzle, then think of an effective Medical Management Plan as what connects all the pieces together to form a complete healthcare picture. An effective Medical Management Plan: 1. Is proven to result in better clinical outcomes READ MORE >>

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