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                              Comprehensive Medical Management
                           Provides Positive and Effective Outcomes!

What is Medical Management?

Medical Management is a comprehensive approach to managing health care costs, care coordination, and intervention for plan members. Early access to Medical Management services provide members with the education and support necessary to maintain and enhance their level of wellness and quality of life.

Plan members often find themselves in a situation where they need information or direction. Medical Management is an excellent resource to assist plan members seeking other options, opinions, or simply education on a chronic condition.

Knowledge is power; thus, with the right information, plan members have the tools to make good medical decisions that lead not only to better clinical outcomes, but also to cost savings for the employee benefit plan.

All Medical Management results are in a comprehensive report that allows employers to make good health plan decisions.

Medical Management Services:

        *Concurrent Review

        *Disease Management Programs:

              Anticoagulant Therapy
              Chronic Artery Disease 
              Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
              Congestive Heart Failure

        *High Risk Obstetrical Case Management 

        *Medical Records Retrieval

        *OMNI Health Record


        *Retrospective Review 
Medical Management is the most effective way of reaching out to any plan member and arguably the only effective health plan tool that reaches across all benefit levels: Chronic Condition Management, Pharmacy Benefit Services, and Psychiatric and Mental Illness to ensure proper and effective care are delivered to plan members.

GBS ensures that the plan deploys a quality and effective medical management program throughout the various benefit levels of the health plan. 

Click on the following link for a detailed proposal: "Request for Proposal"

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