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Is my PPO right for my health plan?

A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is a network of medical providers that offer a discount on the cost of their goods and services in return for more business traffic.

Each health plan differs to meet the needs of diverse organizations. Most PPOs offer a disruption and cost-saving analysis to determine if the company’s current network is a good fit for its existing health plan. Likewise, the nationwide availability of the PPO network providers is also important to consider.

In today’s healthcare environment, contracting with only one PPO network leaves a plan and its members exposed to excessive out-of-network claims costs. One PPO network may be strong in a particular geographic area, but very weak in others.

Our firm constructs numerous employee benefit programs, and focuses on each location to ensure that everyone in the health plan has access to the best quality providers and discounts available.

Finding the proper balance between good discounts and a solid provider base is just one way GBS adds value to an organization’s employee benefit program.  GBS has agreements with several organizations that provide discounts on out-of-network claims.

Our out-of-network discount programs provide valuable savings on those unexpected, and sometimes high dollar, out-of-network claims.

In addition to an out-of-network discount program, GBS also offers a bill review service on claims that meet specific criteria.  This bill review program has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on unnecessary claim expenses, often securing discounts from 30 to 50 percent off of the actual billed charges.

Our firm also has several sources to help save your plan money when we recieve international claims.  All international claims are processed based upon the exchange rate on the actual date of service.

To request a detailed proposal, simply click on the following link:
"Request for Proposal"

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