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                           Top transplant facilities at your fingertips!

There are more than 300 hospitals in the U.S. performing a variety of organ and bone marrow transplants.  Choosing the right facility can be a very challenging process. 

Major concerns to consider include the extensive experience and expertise of the transplant team, clinical outcomes associated with that team and facility, and geographical location.

The LifeTrac transplant network serves as the critical link between patient, doctors, medical facilities, and the insurance plan.

LifeTrac network aids patients and their physicians in making informed decisions based upon information specific to the patients needs.  A Transplant network also helps contain costs by maintaining direct contracts with the top rated transplant facilities, thus preserving benefit dollars.

            Listing of the most common transplants performed:

            Heart – Adult and Pediatric                                Small Bowel/Liver – Adult and Pediatric

            Heart/Lung – Adult and Pediatric                      Allogenic BMT – Adult and Pediatric

            Kidney – Adult, Pediatric and Adolescent        Autologous BMT – Adult and Pediatric

            Kidney/Pancreas – Adult                                    Small Bowel – Adult and Pediatric

            Liver – Adult and Pediatric                                 Pancreas – Adult

            Lung – Adult, Pediatric and Adolescent

The LifeTrac transplant network provides access to the most skilled and experienced transplant centers in the world.  Large Case Managers work closely with plan members to assure all the resources and assistance are available when needed most.

                                                                                          Specific Facility Search        
                                                                   LifeTrac Facilities and Network Location Map      

                                                                                         LifeTrac Program Guide

                Access to the best clinical outcomes at the best price!

Click on the following link for a detailed proposal: "Request for Proposal"


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